Advanced Art Lesson Plans

Distort Grid Drawing Project

This project focuses on:

  • Creative Imaging: Transformation techniques
  • Distortion, with possible repetition and reversal Cropping and juxtaposing realistic elements in an unusual way
  • Rendering forms in chiaroscuro

Assignment: Select a photograph for your drawing, and place a correclty measured grid on it. Then, on your drawing paper, use the same number of squares enlarging the spaces and purposely drawing the lines askew. Transfer the image from your correctly measured squares of your drawing paper. Stretch and compress the image in each square as you transfer from your photo to your drawing paper. Render each square using a full range of tones from darkest to lightest. For your grid compostion, you may also include rotated and repeated images. Lastly, treat the grid lines either as dark or white edges that separate your components. Consider the balance of shapes and values throughout.