Portfolio Prep Lesson Plans

Abstract Figure Drawing Project

This project focuses on:

  • capturing the weight distribution and expression of the body
  • abstracting the figure by reducing subject to elemental forms
  • abstracting the figure by exaggerating the key form that reveal structure

Assignment: Create a series of quick studies of a figure. Pay close attention to forms, and weight distrubution of the figure. Look for the gesture or overall movement of the body, rather than details. Proceed as you did with the earlier figure drawings -- Lines should be quick and move back and forth over forms throughout. Emphasis is on capturing the pose, the weight shift and expression of the body. You may use previously drawn gestures for this assignment.

Draw over your gestures, simplifying edges and extending them, in order to exaggerate the pose. Your goal is to abstract the figure, heightening the expressive qualities of the pose. You may shade in each form from dark to light creating volumetric solids. Tone in background as well.