Portfolio Prep Lesson Plans

Monoprint Project

This project focuses on:

working an inked surface by wiping away and pulling a single print

  • drawing into a wet surface with a variety of marks made with fingers, rags and assorted tools
  • creating a sense of movement to represent the image with rapid, spontaneous lines
  • conceiving an image in reverse

Assignment: Make a composition of a selected subject. You may work from photographs or compose your own loosely from images you find. Look at monoprints done in both additive and subractive methods. Working on a plate of plexiglass, roll a layer of ink and then wipe and incise for subtractive methods, and apply ink directly with brush or fingers for additive methods. You may print successive layers, tracing your first print on the plexiglass (upside down) in order to register colors. Be sure that the final surface layer of your painting has interesting and varied texture, using wiping, incising as well as other mark making techniques. You may work over your final surface with oil crayons or pastels.