Portfolio Preparation Lesson Plans


Students will continue with the Advanced Studio program to develop a comprehensive portfolio for applying to art schools and colleges. Through a two year sequence of alternating projects, each student enrolled in Advanced Studio and Portfolio Preparation will complete a substantial body of work for his/her portfolio. Students wishing to finalize their college portfolio in Art may do so in their senior year with Portfolio Preparation, or the more rigorous AP course. The instructor will assist with photographing all artwork and preparing materials for college applications. In addition to the regular classroom instruction, Advanced Art and Portfolio Preparation students will benefit from visiting artists in the classroom. All projects involve developing ideas through careful planning, thoughtful discussions and critiques. They are also expected to visit museums/galleries and keep an ongoing journal as they experience the artwork they see, responding critically and artistically, through reflection and artistic experimentation. At the end of the course, students must present an exit portfolio for course credit.

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